Antwerp is the shopping capital of Belgium and one of the most famous in Northern Europe. This is no surprise as the city has been influenced by artists and fashion moguls over the centuries who have changed Antwerp from just a commercial hub to one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities. Every first Sunday of the month, shops are open.

The Fashion District

The Fashion District is more than just a place to do some shopping. This shopping hotspot is home to places of education such as the Flanders Fashion Institute and the Fashion Academy of Antwerp. While here why not learn about how Antwerp became the fashion destination that is today at the Fashion Museum.

Shopping Centres


Antwerp's most famous shopping area is Belgium's busiest shopping street and it is only several minutes from the Central Station and our hotel.


Just a couple of minutes’ walk from our hotel is Antwerp's newest shopping destination. This mall contains some of the world's most well-known brands mixed with independent retailers.


If you are looking for a different shopping experience altogether then we would recommend the Leien boulevards that start from the Opera on Frankrijklei all the way to Amerikalei in the Zuid district. This unique location is home to many specialty shops as well as a fantastic selection of popular restaurants and bars.

Wijnegem Shopping Center

This huge shopping center is the biggest of its kind in Belgium and the Benelux countries with over 250 shops, restaurants and bars. By car or by public transport the Wijnegem Shopping Centre is a short 15 minute journey away from our hotel.